Mentorship & Coaching

Our entrepreneurs don’t create problems.

  • Resourcery

    As often said, the key to knowing is being in the know. With our significantly impactful human resources, you could connect with astute and diligent coaches to guide you through the daunting entrepreneurial pathway. Baby steps are required in every endeavour, but with our network; you are certain to make those giant strides sooner than expected.

  • Access to Information

    Human links alone are never enough. Information is the 21st century trade tool and on Vienhar; that constitutes our core. There is a great pool of data to be analysed and explored in attaining goals and sweeping objectives off the rack. Everything you need and more; we will provide.

  • Financial Support Leads

    At the heart of every meaningful engagement lays the notorious legal tender. Without the proper financial resource, another great idea could end up in the dumpster waiting to be obliterated for good. We understand the cognisance of the financial element and in this spirit; we have built a convergence of leads to be accessed by worthy businesses only.