We Make Your Ideas Real

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    Discover an Initial Idea

    Let’s throw the assumptions out the window. You are here because you believe in a dream. We understand that and look forward to nurturing your aspirations with you. The first step to your induction with us; is realising what you intend to do and the problems your ideas could provide solutions to.

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    Define Business Goals

    Everybody keeps saying they want to change the world and make it a better place. We sometimes believe that, but in the course of engaging with people; it’s become cliche overnight and masks the true intent of individuals seeking just profit.

    Revenue is good and necessary to keep a business afloat, but you realise it could be made alongside changing the world right? Just endeavour to be honest with us. It helps.

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    Develop Key Activities

    Considering the fact that our platform is a competitive space and investors seek clarity in vision and objectives. Staying true to your activity timeline is key to getting the right attention from us.

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    Deliver the Product

    This might seem like the end of the road here. It only accommodates a few though, sequel to the rigorous vetting and scrutiny involved in our processes alongside our capped funding initiative.

    However, think of Series B. Engagements like YCombinator could step up your aspirations. We could give you tips and walk you through the right path via our personalised coaching services.